Herizon can offer a variety of services for your team, including:

  • Team FacilitationPersonality Dimensions®

Facilitation leads teams through discovery, goal setting and specific action. Join us for a day of hands on activities that are energizing, and educational. We will design a day that meets the goals of your team. We specialize in communication, problem solving, teamwork, stress and time management, life-work balance and coaching skills.

  • Personality Dimensions®

Individuals analyze, understand, interact and learn differently. These differences, once acknowledged and understood, can become powerful tools for interpersonal communication and interaction. You will leave with greater personal insights, strategies for stronger communication and team cohesiveness.

  • Scavenger HuntsScavenger Hunt

Bragg Creek is the perfect environment for this group activity. We will customize a hunt for your specific team goals. Alternatively, you can try one of our favorite hunts . . . a current favorite is the Good Samaritan Scavenger Hunt. Our Bragg Creek neighbors are more than willing to participate . . . from helping out with clues to being on the receiving end of the Good Samaritan tasks.

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