“It’s not only the superb food or exceptional service that brings our organization back to The CountryWood each year – it’s also the personal connection the owners, Suzanne and Heather, make with our members and this leaves a lasting impression.”

— Volunteer Calgary – Leadership Development

Suzanne, Heather and Soleo 2


“The Country Wood CountryWood has figured it out. Satisfied customers are not good enough anymore, you have to cause people to be raving fans! We are raving fans of our experience at The CountryWood!”

— Centre Street Church


“The CountryWood at Bragg Creek is a short drive from Calgary, but feels light-years away from the big city bustle! Our retreat day was very successful – requests for special set-up/arrangements were accommodated, beverage/food package was excellent, and the setting was lovely.”

— Mount Royal College


“Best retreat day ever! Warm and inviting; awesome staff; fantastic food; beautiful atmosphere; lots of laughs and an excellent place for an excellent day! A day in the country without the hassle of the long drive. We would highly recommend The CountryWood!!”

— Petro-Canada Legal Services


“The CountryWood at Bragg Creek is an excellent venue for your company meetings, teambuilding and strategy sessions. The comfortable and casual atmosphere allows your group to focus on the task at hand without the usual distractions of your company offices. The homemade food is great and all this is just a short drive from Calgary”

— BP Canada Energy Company

Thai Chicken Soup


“Really brilliant – thanks! You exceeded our expectations with lovely food, locale, and such a gracious host. We would definitely recommend The CountryWood.”

— Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre (DDRC)


“Our Team enjoyed a wonderful home cooked meal in a warm filled get-away place. Truly a positive break from a busy and hurried urban pace.”

— The City of Calgary


“Thank you so much for making ARBI’s planning day so enjoyable. The CountryWood is wonderful – a warm, comfortable room in beautiful surroundings that facilitate thought and discussion. It was the perfect spot for our staff to work together on team building and problem solving. The food was fantastic and your homemade cookies in the afternoon were such a treat! We will take every opportunity to recommend The CountryWood to our associates.”

— Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI)

IMG_9129Round table seating


“The Country Wood was a welcoming and comfortable environment located in a picturesque setting that contributed substantially to the success of our annual staff retreat. The hospitality from Suzanne and Heather was exceptional and the food over the top. We would highly recommend The Country Wood to any organization looking for an exceptional experience and environment.”

— Operation Eyesight


“A short drive really can place all the negative aspects of the city behind. The ambience contributed to the need for focus – only a nest-full of hungry robin hatchlings to draw one’s attention from the task at hand. Well-prepared fresh food made to order confirmed what I had heard from others and was well worth the drive. All in all, a grand experience and a contributing factor to a successful business meeting and a hugely rewarding day.”

— Between Friends